mins80 prompted: both are babysitting & meet in a park/playgroup

Klaine alternate meeting AU

It figures that Cooper’s last minute, just want to see you baby brother let’s catch up visit to New York would actually lead to him being stuck with Cooper’s demon-spawn while he gallivants around the city with his wife “networking.”

Blaine does actual air-quotes in his living room, all alone with Ace who okay, isn’t that awful, hemmed in by his playpen that is now devoid of toys, instead thrown in various places around Blaine’s apartment. Blaine has learned not to give them back unless he wants to to get creamed in the face by Sophie the Giraffe again.

“Alright kid, while your mom and dad are busy harassing directors and charming their way backstage, even though I have a very distinct memory of your dad telling me Broadway is dead, but whatever that’s not the point…” Blaine rolls his eyes and huffs and he’s getting off track and now Ace is standing up and rattling the playpen back and forth.

“Let’s go to the park,” he announces, reaching for his nephew who gives a high wailing screech in reply. Blaine’s ears ring. Well, he can certainly project his voice. Cooper must be thrilled.

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